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      Water Related Services for Smart Cities 



CII- Triveni Water Institute, CII’s Centre of Excellence on Water provides Advisory services and Vendor-driven implementation leading to an improved water management across a town or a city. These include

1.   City Municipal Watershed Plans or City Water Security Plans

2.   Urban floods and protection

3.   Bulk Water Audits of Municipalities/ Water Boards

1.   Preparing a blueprint for City’s Water Security: city in context of ‘its’ watershed The  interdependencies  between  cities  and  the  hydrological  systems  within  which  cities  are located  are  critical  in  terms  of  managing  water.  CII's  WATSCAN  Tool  has  been  designed  to catalyze  "digital"  water  planning  applicable  at  a  city  level  that  makes  use  of  world-class approaches. WATSCAN assesses water demand- supply gap on a spatial platform to suggest appropriate strategies for a water secure city/ municipality.

Case study 1: WATSCAN applied to Udaipur city for water management



2.   Urban Floods: Application of WATSCAN Flood

The episodes of Urban Floods increasing surfacing due to climate variability and altered land use, are largely a result of lack of proper systems and infrastructure to manage runoffs. CII undertakes assessment for such

Case study 2: WATSCAN applied to Gurugram district for assessing Urban Floods


WATSCAN identifies areas of flooding and inundation (shown in dark blue shades) based on its ability to evaluate flow accumulation; WATSCAN also suggests strategies for preventing occurrence of flooding.

3.   Bulk Water Audits for Municipalities / Water Boards/ Utilities

Bulk Water Audit refers to the volume of water withdrawn (abstracted) from water resources (rivers, lakes, streams, wells, etc.) controlled by the water utility, and then treated for potable water distribution.


CII Water Institute offers to undertake Bulk Water Audits to enable protection of municipal drinking water systems from contamination. Municipalities employ various measures “from the water source to the tap” to safeguard water quality. These include: source water protection, water treatment & water system management, and water monitoring & testing. Employing safeguards at these stages is referred to as the “multiple barrier” approach. Bulk Water Audits are undertaken to evaluate multiple layers of protection applied for a water system, that include:

1.         source evaluation

2.         adequate treatment

3.         proper monitoring and warning systems

4.         well-thought-out responses to adverse conditions

5.         source water protection.


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