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Clean Air Better Life

Cleaner Air Better Life

CII’s ‘Cleaner Air Better Life’ initiative provides an enabling platform for Industry, entrepreneurs, governments, civil society and other stakeholders to take actionable steps on air pollution.

In order to bring diverse stakeholders together to design actionable steps on air pollution, CII initiated ‘Cleaner air better life’ platform in November 2016.Under the initiative, four sets of actionable steps have been prepared for Clean Fuel, Biomass Management, Clean Transportation and Clean Industry (Forthcoming 2019) in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) in partnership with NITI Aayog. In addition to recommending actionable steps, these reports highlight clean technologies, policy reforms at different levels, and best practices for mitigating air pollution across sectors in NCR. Further, to enable uptake of actionable steps on biomass management for addressing stubble burning (a major factor for the episodic rise of air pollution across the region), CII Foundation was roped in to demonstrate sustainable farming practices in Punjab. Consequently, 12,000 acres of farmland has been made free of stubble burning in the Winter 2018.

‘Cleaner Air Better Life’ is poised to be extended beyond NCR and North India. As per Central Pollution Control Board, there are more than hundred cities in India which do not comply to ambient air quality standards. ‘Cleaner Air Better Life’ can help cities and communities finding practical solutions to air pollution by-

  1. Providing a Common Forum to Diverse Stakeholders to Design Action Plans and Roadmaps for Clean Air
  2. Strategic Advisory to Governments and Industry on
    1. Policy & Technology Evaluations for Deploying Scalable & Replicable Models to Improve Air Quality
    2. Sustainable Supply Chains for Reduced Air Pollution Footprint of Products/Services
  3. Designing the Awareness, Education, Behaviour Change Drives on Air Pollution
  4. Sectoral Guidelines, Operational Manuals & Best Practices for Industry Subsectors
  5. Capacity Building of Small-Medium Enterprises for Adoption of Clean Technologies/Fuels and Best Management Practices


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